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The setting Three in a Match inhabits is more or less a mirror of our own. It has the same history, the same technology, and the same folklore and mythology. The vital difference is that all of the folklore, mythology, and some popular media is true and exists alongside everyone on earth.

Easthaven is a fictional city, even if it is placed in a real location in Essex, Massachusetts. The rest of the world and its locations is based on our real world, although it has some more fictional places and people.


The technology present in Easthaven and the world mirrors modern technology in our world. It no less or more advanced than modern-day technology. It is important to remember that magic has not had a large impact on the development of technology, thanks to the difficult interplay between magic and technology as well as the impossibility of mass producing magic.

Passage of Time

The time of our roleplay advances in normal time. So when it's spring for us, it's spring for the characters, and so on. Be mindful of when something is happening to avoid tangling your character timeline with others. Ultimately, players manage their character timelines as suits them.

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