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Wondering where to place your character? Below are summaries of groups, organisations, and ongoing event plots that new characters can flavour their histories with. Some will be official site lore, while others have been added later by members, shaping the world beyond myth and magic.

Official Entities[edit | edit source]

The Exchange[edit | edit source]

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Something like the Men-In-Black of the supernatural world, the Exchange are the people who hold the line between the supernatural and the mundane. As a group, they are capable, competent, and intimately in the know about the supernatural. In North America, they operate in larger cities, covering the surrounding areas to the best of their ability. Their aims are to keep the supernatural safe and secret from mundane humans, while dealing with any monsters that might attack people.

Character Connections
Theo Crowhurst, Asphodel Malvolia, Angela Dune, Brooke Hansen, Briar Grimshaw, Wil Carter

Read More[edit | edit source]

The Exchange
General information on the Exchange.
The Easthaven Exchange Cohort
The Exchange cohort in Easthaven.
The Sewing Circle
The Sewing Circle is an Exchange-associated group of hedge witches, hobbyists, arcanists, and other magic users.
Lethe Hostel
A hostel and community centre for supernaturals in need of a place to stay or to hide from trouble, Lethe offers help to any who ask.

The Exchange Abroad[edit | edit source]

With a long, storied history, the Exchange operates primarily in Western Europe and North America, with a few offshoots or reformed groups in the British Commonwealth of Nations and former British colonies. Many places who don't have an Exchange, often have similar entities.

City Municipality[edit | edit source]

With a city comes politicians, administrative staff, and other support structures for basic safety and functions. Easthaven has a decorated fire department, emergency medical service, parks & recreation department, and a mayoral office that manage to do their job efficiently despite some bureaucratic meddling from various avenues.

The mayor's office is currently headed by Arthur Blackbird, an eccentric tech tycoon who has become a beloved fixture in the city since being elected in 2016: just the right amount of weird for Easthaven.

The Easthaven Police[edit | edit source]

As might be expected, the Easthaven PD is the major lawkeeper in the city. With several precincts throughout the city, their presence is about as visible as any other standard police force, and they are competent and generally well-trained, with their own share of heroism and scandal.

The police will be the first responders for every reported crime, magic or mundane, whether or not their officers are in the know.

NATO Force Thoth[edit | edit source]


Location: HQ in Brussels, Belgium, but operates in all NATO countries.

Force Thoth deals with extreme cases of magic going awry or larger issues with supernatural monsters, or when the local entities that deal with the supernatural think they need the extra firepower. When they hit the ground, it�s always because they were asked to be there. The people who work in Force Thoth are often from military branches in NATO member countries, especially special forces, and all are aware of the supernatural. They are a non-playable group, but can be used in any characters history.

Interactions with the world: NATO Force Thoth cooperates with the Exchange and local entities if they are called in, although when they�re on the ground they prefer having all the control which can cause sparks. They do appreciate local expertise and usually defer to local know-how when appropriate.

Character Connections: Algy Trevelyan, Angela Dune

Independent Groups[edit | edit source]

Local Groups[edit | edit source]

Ethical Reformed Cult of Dionysus[edit | edit source]

NPC RUN Open to PCs

Location: Massachusetts, focused in Easthaven

Few know the background of the local Cult of Dionysus, or what manner of event led to them being the "Ethical Reformed" Cult of Dionysus. But they're a common presence in Easthaven and only raise a few eyebrows when they roar into town. Ultimately, the cult is generally harmless beyond the persistent rumours of many of their parties ending up with most blackout drunk and unable to remember what they got up to. You know, party stuff.

Interactions with the world: The cult is known as Party Planet to anyone mundane and are often the primary party organiser hired for festivals and events. When they host an event for themselves, there will always be altars to the Greek pantheon placed somewhere on the grounds.

International Groups[edit | edit source]

House Crowhurst[edit | edit source]


Location: Primarily the UK, but some cadet branches are found on the European continent.

The Crowhurst family are a centuries-old English noble family that has, throughout their existence, been dedicated to vampire hunting and, later, general monster hunting. They are a non-playable group at this time, although characters can have experienced run-ins with them in their histories.

Interactions with the world: The Crowhurst family of vampire and monster hunters cooperate and work alongside entities such as the Exchange. However, they have a reputation for being more brutal in their methods. Occasionally, members of the Crowhurst family join the Exchange as Agents, lending their centuries of expertise to the organisation, although sometimes they are also brought on to advise.

Character Connections: Theo Crowhurst

Disciples of Vasuki[edit | edit source]

Expanded Lore NPC ONLY

Location: India, China, North America

Hailing from India, the Disciples of Vasuki are only a small part of a large Indo-Sino organization. A shadowy cadre of criminals, black market artisans, and crime families, they specialize in curses and possession. The organization is primarily made up of mundane humans with a proportional percentage of half-bloods and other supernaturals. They are also known for being �for the people�, occupying the working class levels of social strata and drawing in members with promises of wealth and prosperity. They are a non-playable group at this time.

Interactions with the world: The Disciples are long-time enemies of the UK Exchange and at constant odds with supernatural law keepers. They are bad news, the organization being powerful enough to stand their ground. If they cross paths with the law, it often results in bloody conflict. They have not achieved a foothold in Easthaven, though their agents can be found in Chicago and DC.

House Penrose[edit | edit source]

Location: England and Wales.

The Penrose family have hunted supernatural beings who defy the law since the reign of Queen Victoria, filling in a niche among the other independent hunters and the Exchange. Not all members of the family are directly involved in the hunt and they offer paid contracts to freelance hunters in areas they operate.

Interactions with the world: House Penrose is known within hunting circles in the UK for being a relatively small group with a solid reputation. Larger and much older organizations such as the Exchange are aware of them and acknowledge the value of their efforts, for the most part.

Character Connections: Wil Carter

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