Lower Fens

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The Lower Fens used to be the same marshland as the Upper Fens and was filled in to make way for human habitation. However, the work was a little less expertly done, meaning some of the marshland still remains, and new and old buildings alike have to be careful about their foundations. The neighbourhood is predominantly a middle to lower class community with many old red-brick houses still intact but often not very well-maintained and sometimes actively crumbling. There are community efforts to fix things up, but money is always a concern.

Named Locations

Brooklane Community Center

The Brooklane Community center is an independent, self-funded, non-profit community center that caters to the Lower Fens community. They host big fundraisers or small intimate art events, be it pottery or sip-n-paint. The regular cooking classes they host for affordable and easy meal prep is a favoured staple, and many local chefs, professional and amateur, lead themed cooking classes.

Brooklane Ice Rink

The local ice rink caters to the skating enthusiasts in the city, be it figure skating, speed skating, or hockey. The local teams from the Lower Fens are lucky enough to get ice time at a discounted price, but anyone coming from the outside has to pay a pretty penny. When the ice rink is open, individuals' entrance is a reasonable amount of dollars, and you can rent skates at an additional cost.

Raging Pumpkins Tattoo

Raging Pumpkins Tattoo is a well-loved establishment among anyone who knows anything about tattoos. With talented artists and a can-do attitude towards walk-ins and longer projects, they're the go-to of many tattoo enthusiasts. The shop is an unassuming red-brick townhouse flanked by a bodega advertising exotic spices and a Turkish kebab place, with bright lettering spelling out the tattoo shop's name. You won't miss it.

Knead the Bread Bakery

Early in the morning, Knead the Bread smells of freshly baked bread and pastries, but the pleasant aroma persists through the day as well. It's a popular establishment, offering baked goods and cups of black coffee to its customers. They don't have much seating space, but a few tables inside and more outside, there's enough that they're often full up once lunchtime hits.

Easthaven Brewery

As the Lower Fens' pride, the brewery offers free tours to tourists and locals. Their tours last around an hour and end with a beer tasting, giving guests the chance to experience the beer varieties the brewery offers in 5 oz glasses (that they get to keep!). The gift shop selling merchandise, growlers of more exotic beer varieties and glassware is how they make the most of these tours. If you take your ticket to the Witch and Broom and buy a pint, they'll give you a free Easthaven Brew pint glass.

The Witch and Broom

The Witch and Broom is the local pub for many Lower Fens residents, but it's popular with Easthaven locals and tourists who swing by the Easthaven Brewery. It panders to the pub-loving crowd with dark stained wood and bare red brick walls. The TVs behind the bar are usually tuned to some sports channel, and the restaurant pub combination establishment has some excellent local staples made by good chefs. Their deal with the brewery ensures they enjoy a steady influx of clientele, a little boozed up and ready for more and a big hearty meal.

Wicked Shipping Co.

An abandoned warehouse of a short-lived shipping company stands on the Lower Fens' outskirts. It's been crumbling for quite a few decades, but it's become a staple for Lower Fens denigrates and rebellious teens. At night it can be dangerous, and in the daylight, it's a crumbling eyesore that is often the victim of sour-faced teenagers looking to expand their artistic repertoire.

O'Reilly's Boxing Gym

An old classic in the neighbourhood, O'Reilly's used to be a dedicated boxing gym and still holds onto that by having everything an aspiring and professional boxer might need. They've expanded to cater to more casual gym-goers and other sports fighting forms. The staff are down to earth and enthusiastic, which matches the rough décor—exposed brick and vinyl flooring. The middle of the ample space has a raised boxing ring, but in one corner of the extensive area are some padded mats for other fighting styles.

Lower Fens Subway

The Lower Fens' subway lines are worn down but functional and surprisingly reliable. Maybe there's something lucky going on; perhaps the maintenance guys really know their stuff. Whatever it is, it manages to defy the odds more than it should. It is, however, unbearably hot during the summer because of the old tunnels with inadequate ventilation and the old subway cars. They also have the least amount of dangerous incidents and unexplainable happenings.

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