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Easthaven's newest neighbourhood, Newton, is where new business thrives. It has a veneer of cosmopolitan attitude, the arrogance of a new city with shiny buildings and fresh starts, money enough to make things look good even if behind it all is a faceless corporation. There were a few mistakes, 60s architectural habits will always look too brutalist and cold, but there's some effort to liven it up. It's still Easthaven, though, which means weird is in its character even if it tries to pretend otherwise.

Named Locations

Easthaven City Hall

City hall is a newer building in the city, built by way of an architectural contest in the '80s. An architect with a love of brutalist architecture won and forever marred the Easthaven skyline. It's universally vilified among the locals and was titled "The Brick" as soon as the building got built. Being inside the Brick can be as unsettling as looking at it, and there's a higher than the regular occurrence of strange events there than in other places. That or bureaucracy is just depressing.

St. Erasmus University Hospital

St. Erasmus is the largest hospital in the city, although not the only one. As a university hospital, many experimental surgeries and other medical breakthroughs force them to stay current, constantly testing and working with the newest technology available. There's rumours that healing magic is in use in the hospital, but not near any of the brand new tech. Whatever sort of treatment you get, it's some of the best treatment you can get in the area, but it also means herds of medical students passing through patient rooms and surgery theatres.

Central Business District (CBD)

The Central Business District, or simply the CBD if you're a local, is where you find the besuited and exhausted men trapped in the constant rat race of business life. The office buildings are the usual bland architectural fare—all shiny surfaces and seemingly miles and miles of windows—but it manages to have some charm in the businesses that make the ground floors of these architectural behemoths actually attract some foot traffic. It's an eclectic mix, from chain coffee shops to army surplus, and the odd shop advertising themselves as purveyors of the magical and ethereal. Whatever you're looking for, you might find it here.


Easthaven's main street. The old road bisects the newer part of the city, lined with modern buildings with their straight, brutal lines, with the occasional Georgian or Victorian building that survived modernisation. There's a massive IMAX theatre that fronts a shopping mall. In an attempt to make up for the sins of the '60s, the flat unappealing walls of office buildings and the shopping mall get used by the local art college. Murals add a splash of riotous colour to the concrete.

Ashford Luxury Hotel

A newer building, even by the standards of Newton, the Ashford Hotel is a luxury hotel of the highest quality. They run the gamut of prices, not too outlandish if you get a sensible room, but the fancier rooms carry quite a hefty price. The décor is elegant and modern, with a bit of archaic flair as a nod to the city it's placed in. The receptionists look down their noses at anyone not well-dressed enough to match the décor, watchful for anyone who cannot afford a room and is simply loitering.

Exchange Private Investigations

Not far from the CBD, you can find a hidden cranny where some of the old red-brick buildings still survive the fervour of modernisation. One of these buildings is a private investigator firm that seems to try its hardest to not be noticed. In truth, this is the Exchange office, and the old red-bricks are a front for the local Exchange cohort. They deal in the magical rather than the mundane, but no one but those in the know really realises they're there. To everyone else, Exchange Private Investigations is just a regular business that couldn't afford rent in any of the buildings in the CBD.

Braxton Street

Often considered the high street of Newton, Braxton Street has a selection of boutiques and designer shops that cater to those interested in fashion. It's not the most expensive street in the city, but it isn't the cheapest. There are some bakeries and juice bars to be found along the way, plenty of opportunity for snacking.

Groovy Burger

A 50's themed franchise fast-food restaurant serves burgers that are neither bad nor fantastic, but just the right amount of greasy. Their fries are better than Micky D's, which is an accomplishment, but the milkshakes are by far the best thing on the menu. They're open past midnight and take advantage of the night crowd as well as anyone else jonesing for a burger during the day.

Museum of Easthaven

The museum in Newton is a relatively new arrival to the town. It blends modern and old architecture to create an eye-catching and appealing building that houses exhibits on natural history, local history, national history, and world history, often relying on travelling exhibits to bring in new clientele. There's always something new and interesting to see, especially if you dare to have a night at the museum.

Newton Subway

New and shiny, Newton's subway lines are the most functional and comfortable to use. Still, other things go wrong. Newton has the most incidents of people falling onto the tracks; many swear they were pushed despite the security cameras showing nothing. The tunnels are cold even during the summer, which can be a blessing and a curse.

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